Adventure Island, Southend on Sea, EssexAdventure Island is a free-admission amusement park in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. The site of the amusement park flanks the north end of Southend Pier and has been an amusement park since 1976 when the land now forming the west side of the park was purchased by the Miller family. The park used to be known as Peter Pan’s Playground and later Peter Pan’s Adventure Island before becoming Adventure Island. The site is owned and managed by Stockvale Limited. The park contains thirty two rides,

Adventure Island started out in 1918 as Sunken Gardens, a sea-side garden that in the 1920s installed a few children’s rides. In 1976, the land to the west of the pier was purchased by the Miller family. They developed the amusement park on the site from the rudimentary original and the entire site was redeveloped extensively.

In 1995 the park was vastly expanded when the land to the east of the pier was purchased to form part of the park.

Complementing the park is Southend Pier, the longest pleasure pier in the world (built in 1830 as a wooden pier, rebuilt as a steel pier in 1889); it extends more than a mile (1,34 miles/2,16 km) toward the ocean. The pier train runs the entire length of the pier to the Lifeboat Museum. The park’s mascot is called Snappy.

Adventure Island is not divided into specific areas but divides its rides into the following categories: Big Adventure (blue rides), Junior (green rides) and Mini (red rides). The park is separated into the East side of the pier and the West side of the pier

In 1999, the park debuted the roller coaster Green Scream. It was once described as the park’s signature ride, but this title has now been taken by Rage. The Green Scream does not have any inversions and the drops are quite tame. The second roller coaster at the park is the Barnstormer, which opened in 2000. The third roller coaster is named the Mighty Mini Mega, which opened in 2003. Kiddi Koasta, a children’s roller coaster, opened to the public on 30 April 2011

The fifth roller coaster, Rage, opened in February 2007  It is one of the biggest investments the park has ever made The ride cost in the region of £3 million and is located on the former Raging River Log Flume site. The Sky Drop and Vortex rides were relocated to new positions in the park to make way. The ride is about 75 feet (23 m) in height and has a 97 degree drop, a vertical lift hill, a vertical loop, a zero-g roll and tight turns. It was named Rage after a competition in the newspaper Southend Echo to decide a name for the ride. The slogan is “For Superheroes only!” which is said before the first drop of the roller coaster. In 2011 a crow built its nest at the top of the loop, gathering attention from tabloid newspapers